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Group coaching presenation

Group Coaching

Join the Shaking Minds 3 month program and you'll be part of an unstoppable team!

Develop yourself over 90 days: we'll start on Day 1 with our first conference call through which we'll establish the basic methodology to put you on the right track. During our 2nd conference call, we'll work together on the long term vision to create a sustainable objective. And on day 90, I'll give you a few tools to make it last and be unstoppable! In between each call, I'll keep an eye on your progress and stay available to support & coach you when needed.



"The 3 month coaching program with Sofian helped me to establish a checkpoint of my actual life situation, becoming aware of what I needed to work on in order to reach my goals. Thanks to his advice and support, I've acquired tools that I can apply on a daily basis and have a detailed action plan. Always available, great listener and giving impactful advice, this coaching was a great experience! Thank you Sofian" - L.P.

"The 3 month coaching has been a huge step forward for me. It gave me concrete objectives, how to stick to it, and start something I'm passionate about. Little by little, I'm building self confidence and believe in my potential! A huge thank to Sofian: your availability, advice and support is very precious!" - M.G.

After taking part in Sofian's program, I realised it is important that you have the desire to change and improve, and the motivation to look for happiness, self confidence, wealth, internal peace or whatever you are after.

The most intense part for me was the introspective part, the self questioning. It became obvious to me that I wasn't aware myself, of who I really am and my objectives weren't clear, unknown or simply put aside.
The second part about taking action is still a work in process for me, re-adapting and re-building my plan step by step in line with my long term vision which is under construction. However, I now have the right tools and questions to ask myself in order to put in place the transformation that I need."
- O.D.



Session A (1) - February 29th 8:00 AM

Session A (2) - March 2nd 8:00 PM

Session B (1) - April 11th 8:00 AM

Session B (2) - April 13th 8:00 PM

Session C (1) - May 23rd 8:00 AM

Session C (2) - May 25th 8:00 PM

Group 2

June - August

Session A (1) - May 30th 8:00 AM

Session A (2) - June 2nd 8:00 PM

Session B (1) - July 11th 8:00 AM

Session B (2) - July 14th 8:00 PM

Session C (1) - August 29th 8:00 AM

Session C (2) - September 1st 8:00 PM


Session A (1) - September 12th 8:00 AM

Session A (2) - September 15th 8:00 PM

Session B (1) - October 24th 8:00 AM

Session B (2) - October 27th 8:00 PM

Session C (1) - December 5th 8:00 AM

Session C (2) - December 8th 8:00 PM

2020 DATES

Group 3

September - December



Click the link below to pay the NZD$499 fee. Once paid, I will get in touch with you shortly to choose your first coaching date.

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