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3 steps to start transforming your life

I've met many people in my life that seem content in themselves with what the general consensus would call "the normal life". From going to work and dealing with a shit boss, paying that never-ending mortgage and mountain of bills or being in an OK relationship. Many things seem out of reach but we think 'well, that's life and that's how it is'...

And what if I tell you that it doesn't have to be that way? What if we could have the things we dream of?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it will happen from a day to another. It will be a long and challenging journey but just like any good story, it has to start somewhere... So let's start it here!

I'm going to give you 3 essential & simple steps to start transforming that life of yours.

Time for a change!

1 - Press pause & do a checkpoint

First of all, you have to press pause. Take a seat, a deep breath and a piece of paper. It's time to look at your life the way it is.

In order to look at it, we'll use a very simple tool called "The Wheel of Life". There are plenty versions online, personally I've been using this one:

Fast & easy, no need to register and you can print it or keep a pdf copy of it.

Otherwise, you can simply take a piece of paper, draw a circle and break it into 8 parts.

Wheel of Life
Wheel of Life

You will look at your life through 8 main elements:

- Fun & Adventure: Leisure, travel...

- Health & Nutrition: Fitness...

- Finances

- Work, business

- Contribution to society

- Personal & spiritual development

- Family & friends

- Intimate relationship

All areas have a scale from 0 to 10. This represents your level of satisfaction with the designated area.

The point is not to judge or compare your life but to simply acknowledge where you think your life is in all areas and to see that there is potential for improvement. Look at everything that you've done over the last 3 months or so.

Be honest with yourself, let your gut do the work for you...

Once you have scored all areas, fill the inside of the wheel with colour or shade it in, and there is it: your wheel of life!

How does it look like? It would be a bumpy & challenging ride with such a wheel, right?

Well, this wheel represents your life as of today and everything between the wheel and the edge of the circle is your potential and I'm about to show you how to dig in this potential of yours!

2 - Put a set of actions in place

Now that you have established your current situation, it's time to work on all 8 areas and aim to increase each score, even by just a little.

Think about every single one of these areas and write down at least 5 actions that you can do that will make the score of this area higher. What type of things would you need to do in order to make you score yourself a 10?

For example, if my score was 1 for Fun & Adventure then I would write:

- Plan getaway weekend once a month

- Go to a concert/museum once a month

- Go for a hike once a week

- Plan 2 overseas trip per year