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5 keys to keep the spark alive in your relationship and overcome challenging moments

In my experience there are many ways to take care of your relationship; however, today I want to share with you 5 Keys that are very important for you to know.

First of all I have to be really clear in this matter, the relationship that is not taken care of dies. There is no avoiding this fact.

So you might be wondering what makes love, passion or magic remain in a relationship? Is it something that decreases over time? Can you do something to contribute to its maintenance?

We all want our relationship to be as magical and healthy as the first day, month or even year. And we look at those couples who, after so many years together, seem to be still in love, united and motivated.

The problem is that we forget that this is something that depends fundamentally on us, not on luck or destiny.

It happens that you sometimes forget all the special things you did to get your partners attention and affection, and you start living on autopilot, demoting your relationship to the last place on the list of occupations or priorities to take care of.

It sounds hard and exaggerated, but sometimes taking care of your partner goes after checking the bills, the car, the children's duties, the work emails and the social networks and so on.

You assume, unconsciously, that your relationship is going to remain there, intact, without further care.

So it’s safe to say that when the experts in human behavior apply the metaphor of the plant has to be watered, pruned and treated because if not, it dies, it’s because the role of taking care is very essential.

The success of a relationship

The truth be told is that in a relationship it’s almost inevitable to go through different phases. Waiting and hoping that everything continues to stay the same as in the first months is an irrational thought. It’s better to get real as soon as possible and take action if needed straightaway.

So what is that big secret that stable couples hide to remain happy together as time goes by?

The key lies in believing that every action that you make towards taking care of your relationship is critical and most important for it to stay alive and healthy.

In short, if you want your relationship to keep growing, you need to believe that you have to take care of it, and consequently, take action for it.

So if you are already in trouble or just starting your relationship, ether way I want to share 5 keys to a healthy relationship.

1. Romantic getaways

It is essential that you look for a time to share between you two, where you can remember why you specifically chose each other. It is not necessary to wait for special dates such as anniversaries or birthdays.

2. Communication

It's not just talking when things go wrong, it's intentionally taking at least ten minutes a day to have a conversation as a couple, free from interruptions, without television, without computers, without multitasking mode.

3. Creative intimacy

How to be creative in the sexual intimacy even after years together?