5 simple steps to control your emotions

Many of us are highly driven by our emotions. Most of the time we are OK as long as it is a positive emotion but when it comes to anger or frustration, it's another story... Let's have a look on how we can control our emotions.

1 - Acknowledge the emotion

The first and most important step is to recognize that we are about to explode. Like a volcano, the lava is slowing going up until it reaches explosion point. By being present in our emotions, we can feel it coming. When this happens, simply acknowledge it. It's here and you know it - great! Time to do the work.

2 - Analyze the facts

Now, do a quick analysis of the situation and the specific fact that has generated this emotion to arise. It's really important here to only focus on the fact and/or situation.

3 - Ask yourself the right questions

You got the fact? Sweet, here's the real deal now: ask yourself if this will matter the following day, in 6 months, in 6 years. Be honest with yourself and see if this thing will still impact you in the future or you think it will be quickly forgotten or it will be categorized as a bad memory over time.

4 - Decide

Once you have the answer to that question, then decide that you'd like to do.

Is it really worth it to explode for something that won't matter in a few hours, weeks or years? Not really, right? So let it go then, because you know that it's not that much of a big deal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to undermine the emotion; simply pointing out the fact that you could spend your energy on something more productive that will matter tomorrow.

5 - Action

Finally, take action. If you think it's worth exploding, then do it, at least now you're really sure that it's worth it. Otherwise if you have decided not to, then focus your attention on something else and start doing it. A busy mind doesn't waste time on analyzing the past over and over again. Focus on something that makes you happy!

At first, it will take some effort to do it and apply. But the more you'll practice, the better and faster you'll become at it and soon enough, it will become a natural process that will happen within a fraction of seconds.