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A great tool to keep you on track: Wunderlist

How often do you forget about things that you were supposed to do? Or set up a whole new action plan for your life with lots of daily exercises but they get lost after a few days as you haven't set a reminder? I'd like to introduce you to a very simple but practical & powerful tool to keep you on track: Wunderlist.

Before I start, I'd like to underline that there are plenty of apps available out there that could help you to manage your reminders and notes. My point is not to say that Wunderlist is perfect, I just got used to it and I found very efficient and user friendly. It has been a very valuable tool for me over the last couple years so I might as well give a bit of a tutorial about it! Let's start!

Wunderlist is available on App store and Google play to download for free. Create your account and there you are, ready to go.

First of all, create your list. Give it the name you want. It could be work, project, gym... Once your list is created you can either keep it private or share it with a group of people. I've found group sharing very powerful when you have multiple persons working on the same project. Everyone can interact with the list and update it live.

Now that you have your list, you can start creating tasks to-do. Very simple and intuitive, enter your task and just press enter. You can then add a due date, make the task repetitive or assign it to a specific person in the group.

You can also add notes and subtasks to each task so you can really get into details.