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Covid Survivor...You got this!

First I want you to understand that no one could have known when 2020 began it would bring much of the world to a forced pause. This is indeed a surreal and difficult time for us all. Human beings lost their lives and, sadly, continue to do so. People lost their livelihoods and, sadly, continue to do so. There is much to be sad and maybe even angry about, and yet, there are silver linings all around us.

This is almost the only thing we can talk about these days and its effects on our lives, personal relationships, careers and basically everything. However I want to focus your attention on a more important subject, and that's how to stay positive and overcome any obstacles or negative mindset.

One of the things you can start to do is stop feeling bad or sand about things you can't control, this will only wear you out and won't let you focus on the things you do have control over.

“Look for the helpers”

Many of us are familiar with Fred McFeely Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers’s, famous quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.”

So there is something you can do, and if by any chance you don't find “helpers” than you are the one to make a difference become one, sometimes helping others helps motivates you to keep going.

We have already established that it is not good for you to waste your time focusing on the things that you cannot control, that it is best to focus on those that you can control.

Now, surely you must be wondering what actions you could possibly do, that will help you right now:

1. Make a list of things you want to learn that you normally wouldn't have time for, a photography or design course or maybe how to plant your own garden, simple things that we take for granted but that will allow us to keep the focus on something that we can control. This is the best moment to learn since there are so many online courses for free that you can do.

2. Believe in yourself, you must know that if you manage to get to where you are at the moment, you are capable and equipped to continue fighting and rise above this situation successfully. Once you can focus your mind on the things that you can control, you will see that new ideas will come up to you to continue growing or reinvent yourself in the midst of this crisis to adapt and evolve. Remember you are a survivor you keep fighting, you don't surrender.

3. Plan your day, do not let the situation control you, have a daily routine that allows you to face the situation without despair. We have heard it said "keep busy so you don't go insane", however, facing our emotions is important so that they don't get bottle up and end up backfiring against you. Take time in the morning to meditate on positive things, put on some soft music and read a text that motivates positive thoughts; make a list of things you can be thankful for. Remember the key is to face your emotions but not to get stuck on them, if you get stuck with a negative mindset you will lose focus.

Remember to stop wasting your energy on things you can´t control, keep your focus on the things you do control, have a plan for every day and for the long term so you can know where you are going. And if along the way you have to make some changes, be flexible about it and adjust, the important thing is that you never lose focus on achieving your goals and believe in yourself.

You are a survivor … you got this!