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Decision making: Flip a coin

Should I or shouldn't I? Do I buy this or not? Vanilla or chocolate? Holidays to Hawaii or Japan?... These are the type of questions that we encounter every single day. While some of these decisions might be easy to take, others are a real pain as there is so much at stake.

Well, how about an efficient, quick & fun way to decide? Go!

"Is he really going to make us flip a coin to take decisions??"

You bet I will!

Like everyone else, I'm facing decisions on a daily basis. A few years ago, I could be very indecisive sometimes and could take ages to make a decision even for the most simple things: Black or white t-shirt? Salted or unsalted butter? Try to go grocery shopping with someone in this state and you're up for quite a long ride!

Then I slowly started to realize all the time that I was wasting on trying to balance the pros & cons and because the balance was kind of 50/50, it was getting even harder. On top of the time wasted, there was also a huge amount of energy on doing research but also on getting my brain to think over and over again on each decision, so at the end of the day I was completely flat out due to wasting my brain on decisions instead of taking action.

Until one day, really indecisive on what to do, I put my hand in my pocket and found a coin. Without thinking I took it out and challenged myself to flip it to make the decision. What started with a simple joke, ended up being a powerful action. By flipping this coin, I was able to get out of the supermarket 15min faster than what I would usually do and I was completely fine with the results. Out of this, I've decided to test it out every time I had to make a decision.

I had quite a lot of fun with it and I was getting really quicker on these small & inoffensive daily decisions without too many consequences. As I'm someone that hates being on the fence, I was getting tired of tossing and turning a decision over the last few weeks: should I leave my Canadian life for a new adventure in Australia? This was a huge decision to make as I'd been living in Canada for a few years by then and had everything I needed.

I reached the coin and flipped it.

I've decided that whatever will come out of it, I will follow and execute without regret. Here I am about 7 years la