Make the next decade count

It's that time of the year when we start reflecting on what we have achieved throughout the year. You might be happy with a few things and not with others. Personally, I can say that mine was quite a roller coaster, from the very top to the very bottom. It was a year of extremes, through which, I have learned a lot about myself and what I want to do.

But this time it's a bit different as we are about to enter a new decade. So let's take the opportunity to reflect on the last 10 years and start working on the next 10 by building a long term vision. Let's make this next decade count!

Let's start by doing a checkpoint of the last 10 years. On a piece of paper or on your computer, answer the following questions:

- What are your 3 biggest accomplishments?

You want to write down the things that you are the most proud of, planned or not. If you cannot find something completed, you can also mention something that you have proudly started.

- Name 3 things that you wished you had accomplished but didn't happen. What was in the way?

There may have been quite a few years that you kept telling yourself "I wish I'd done this or that", "If only I had passed that certification" and so on. Look at the regrets you have for having dropped or not taken an opportunity.

- What or when were you the most excited over the last 10 years and why?

What made your blood rush through your veins and wish that this moment, or period of time, would last forever? Where was it? Was there anyone with you?

- Over the last 10 years, what are you grateful for?

It could be some decisions that you took or the support that you've received from others. It's a pretty wide range, basically you want to find what you should be thankful for.

- What do you think you could have done better?

Nothing is always perfect but sometimes, deep inside, we know that we haven't it given our best shot. Think about the little things that annoy you where you feel incomplete.

All done? Great! Now we can look into our next decade.

- What are your dreams for the next 10 years?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years, what does your life look like in all areas?

Dream big and go nuts on this one!

- What could be in the way of achieving them?

Now that you have put the biggest dreams on paper (or screen), list what could be the potential road blocks or challenges that you might face.

Ok, now that you have answered these 2 questions for your next decade, it's time to plan your work and work your plan! If your dreams are exciting enough then you'll have that "do whatever it takes" mindset to destroy all the road blocks on the way. It's like going on an adventure but with a huge advantage: you already know the enemies on the way so choose your weapons wisely and pack your bags because the next decade will be the best of your life (so far)!

And in case you need, get in touch and I'll give you some secret potions to get you going!

Have a fantastic end of decade and an even better start of the next one!