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Manage the time of your life

As I work with clients from all different backgrounds and professions, I regularly encounter the: “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time”. I then challenge them to analyze and define where their time is going and so invite them to review their priorities. Here’s how to do it.

The exercise in itself is quite simple but can bring about eye-opening conclusions.

Simply start by analyzing how do you spend your typical week, from work to entertainment. Don't forget to write down how much time you are spending on each activity.

All done? Great! The next step, we take a business inspired view and analyze the Return On Investment (ROI) on each of these activities. What do you get out of all these activities? Do you get something constructive or do you feel that it is a waste of time? There is nothing right or wrong here and you'll realize the ROI of some activities are difficult to measure.

Whatever your result, keep it aside as we'll need it for later.

Now, establish your main goals or your long term vision. What is most important for you and where would you like to be in a few years? This step is crucial as it defines your destination. It doesn't have to be extremely detailed, even a general idea of what you'd like to do for the future can be enough for this exercise.

We can now write next to each other, your list of activities with their ROI and your long term goals. From this, you can establish a new activity list based on your long term goals and they can be divided into 5 priorities or recurring cycles:

- Priority #1: activities to do everyday

- Priority #2: activities to do weekly

- Priority #3: activities to do monthly

- Priority #4: activities to do every 3 months