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The 16 personalities test

A couple years ago, I was asked by my HR Manager to take a personality test. She was testing different tests and was interested in the results and thought it could be a new tool that the company would use in the hiring process.

The one she sent me is this one:

This free test took about 20 minutes to complete and I was quite surprised by the accuracy of the results, more specifically when it came to the things that I need at work to make me happy. It was quite shocking for me to see that everything that was written on there were exactly the things that I was missing in my workplace and that were getting me frustrated.

We all have an idea of the way we are but I've found it very powerful to use a personality test to be able to read the results. It can be very eye-opening.

I urge you to do it so you can learn more about yourself. It is always a great starting point to learn about yourself, your strengths & weaknesses, if you want to transform yourself and grow.