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The wheel of fears

Recently, as I was coaching one of my friends, we had an interesting conversation regarding the fears that we encounter when we try to build a project or create a business. By giving her the methodology to overcome her fears, I thought of a simple way to tackle this and I've decided to call it: our Wheel of Fears.

If you've read my article about transforming your life, I mention the Wheel of life. It is a way to do a checkpoint on your actual situation. In the same principle, we can create a Wheel of Fears.

Start by tracing a circle on a piece of a paper, then divide the circle into 8 parts. In each part, create a scale from 0 (center of the circle) to 10 (outer edge of the circle). Name each part with a fear that you have and give it a score on how much you're afraid of it. For example, if one of your fears is public speaking and you're absolutely terrified by it to the point that you're uncontrollably shaking & losing your words every time you have to do it, then you could score yourself around a 9.

Now that you've scored yourself on 8 of your biggest fears, think about what actions could you take to reduce the score on each of these fears. Even if you reduce it by just a point, it's already great progress. Back to our example, taking a public speaking course could reduce the score of this specific fear.

The game here is to slowly get rid of your fears by taking small steps. Create as many actions as possible. These actions shouldn't be as scary as your main fear and they will help you to overcome your fears. As soon as you completely get rid of one of your fears by scoring a 0 on it, replace it for another one and keep applying the same process. Take the time you need to progress through your fears but keep the wheel and actions consistently in mind so you'll keep going.