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What's in the way of coaching?

I've encountered, multiple times, people who have a slight interest in coaching or personal development but as soon as you engage a serious conversation with them about it, they run away faster than the light! So here's my analysis about what gets in the way of coaching.

With regards to being coached, I think it comes with a certain fear. The fear of being judged, being vulnerable or having to face whatever is inside every single one of us. As much as we want to live the perfect life, we are not willing to get outside of our comfort zone and we hope that we can reach it without much effort.

Coaching is also an unclear science for many. For some people, a life coach is not much different to a psychologist; for others, it is useless... Let me tell you what I think a coach is:

A coach is someone who is willing to help people out there to live a life they love without limitations of any kind. A coach believes that everyone has a great potential and he/she has faith in humanity. A coach is acting for the greater good.

Similarly to when you hire a fitness coach to reach your fitness goals faster, a life coach will get you to reach your goals faster. But during this process, the coach will help you review your definition of happiness to ensure that you're chasing the right thing for your life. In order to have results, you need to be consistently in action and accept that failure might be part of the process. A coach will support you by re-wiring the brain and make you experiment with new ways of doing things.

So here's my advice for everyone who is a little interested in coaching: if you're looking at it, it means that you think something doesn't sound quite right with your life, or something could be better - then try it but don't stay on the fence. Either you accept your life the way it is as it is perfect, either you decide to change it and so an expert can help you with it.

Stop living like you have 2 lives! Life is way too short to waste time on something not worth it. You deserve to live a powerful life and a life you love!!