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Passionate About Inspiring Others

A French-born professional who is driven and goal-orientated, I'm living my own version of a happy life and if anything is not in line with my goals, I have the knowledge to change it. I am an on-going entrepreneur with an ambitious mind, I love exploring the world and new possibilities.

I started to develop a strong interest towards personal development more than 15 years ago through musical therapy: I was fascinated by the positive effect of practicing music against any given negative life event. This lead me to study, for a number of years, the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) and as a result, it improved my professional and musical paths significantly.

As my musical career took off and I started traveling, I could still feel that I was feeling stuck & unsatisfied. In need of a change, I joined the Landmark Education course, in Toronto, and graduated in 2013 from the Self Expression & Leadership program.

This new experience, combined with my previous knowledge, helped me to put everything in a completely new perspective: from relationships to career and fitness. I'm now living a fulfilled life within a strong relationship, some exciting ongoing projects and travels, a fitness balance and a happy and genuine smile on my face all day long but most importantly: with the skill to transform and act on any negative thought and to turn it into an empowering set of actions.

In 2019, I became a certified DISC trainer, allowing me to incorporate more communication skills in my coaching.

To complete my expertise, I obtained my NLP practitioner, Emotional Intelligence practitioner and Mindfulness Cognitive Based Therapy practitioner certifications early 2020.

I have traveled and worked with successful experiences over many countries: France, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong to name a few.

I have owned and/or created many businesses all over the world: a promotion agency, a record label, a design agency, an event company, a café/restaurant and a bar. Along with these businesses, I have had many different roles: national training manager, account manager, sales promoter, event manager, director of marketing & business development, music producer, product & sales trainer. My consistent outstanding delivery of customer experience has been recognized in various industries including luxury brand retail.


More than just being an inspiration for people around me and my work colleagues, I provide personal coaching services to make a positive impact on people's lives and help you to reach happiness.

Life or work doesn't have to be boring, difficult and painful. It only takes a little twist to make it fun, enjoyable and successful.

So, whatever you are after, let me bring a positive attitude and mindset to your personal life and get ready to achieve your goals.


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-Who I am

Sofian Bennouri

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